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I also ship Bamon, Mabekah, Klebekah, Klayley & Datherine. Steroline is my Brotp. Always here for Sterowood.

And Caroline Forbes is Queen♔

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No but where exactly was Caroline this entire episode? Tyler was captured, Damon was calling her, Stefan was with Elena and dealing with the Enzo situation, Bonnie was with Liv and then with Matt and Jeremy at the Lockwood mansion, and Caroline wasn’t in her dorm. So what the heck was she doing while everything was going down?

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Bonnie & Damon 5x22 promotional still

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Tyler Lockwood 5x22 promotional still

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Caroline Forbes 5x22 promotional still

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fangirl challenge 2.0 » [1/?] romantic ships

Tyler/Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

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But I’m holding you closer than most 'cause you are my heaven


PRE-FINALE EPISODES | As the Travelers move forward with their plans, Stefan and Elena will develop an “us-against-the-world” mentality, executive producer Caroline Dries teases. “They’ll need to lean on this strong connection to get through it.” Meanwhile, as Bonnie makes “brave choices” about the Other Side’s big dilemma, Dries reminds us, “There’s always a sacrifice, and her relationship with Jeremy will certainly be one of the things that complicates everything.” As for Stefan and Caroline’s undeniable… something, Dries encourages patience: “Our plan is to let this friendship evolve naturally and watch what happens when feelings start to emerge, ever so slowly, from one of them and how that begins to complicate things.”

MAY 15 SEASON FINALE | The final hour of Season 5 culminates in an all-out battle for Mystic Falls — against the Travelers, of course. Iin addition to the usual “blood, death and tears,” Dries says to brace for more reunions with “faces that we’ve been missing over the series.” (That’s right, she said “series.”) She also promises the finale “will end in true Vampire Diaries fashion, with a stunning cliffhanger that leaves us thinking, ‘Wait, what? No. Tell me that didn’t just happen.’”


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